Adrian Corker

 is a British musician, curator and film score composer based in London. Corker is best known for his work scoring films and TV dramas such as Florian Hoffmeister’s 3° kälter or Antonia Bird’s The Village, and his collaborative work with Paul Conboy. Adrian Corker is a musician who has written extensively to picture, including work with the late director Antonia Bird. He also works in various media, collaborating with musicians including the Elysian Quartet, Richard Skelton, Jack Wyllie, Lucy Railton and Aisha Orazbayeva. He has a number of releases as Corker Conboy with Paul Conboy including the score to Florian Hoffmeister’s film Three Degrees Colder. He performs in an improvisational duo of oscillator and saxophone with Jack Wyllie and is currently learning the Shakuhachi.

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