is a french film composer and interpreter based in Paris, France. From 2008, Bonne Pioche Production confides him the creation of original score for the ” New Explorers ” of Canal+ (French TV). It is doubtless this documentary series of adventure in every corner of the world, that guided Demusmaker towards the way of the eclecticism.  In real explorer, he gets the influences, the atmospheres, travels on footbridges between the most diverse musical styles to give life to rich and always personal compositions. Beyond even to illustrate images, Demusmaker knows through a score or a beautiful song to create a whole universe. Through his music, he likes before any telling beautiful stories, as underlined it “Inrocks” french Magazine in an article which was dedicated to him. (Rather rare fact for a film composer). In a few years, producers and directors of very different horizons trusted him. He has create the musical universe of ” Nus et Culottés ” broadcasted in prime time on France 5 (french TV), orchestrated a saga on the Universe of Disney realized by Dominique Lenglart with Tom Novembre and accompanied a disturbing investigation on the Mediator Trial. Having composed the O.ST. of about 50 documentaries, he has just signed the music of the commercialSandro Men Spring/Summer 2014.

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