Diego Buongiorno

is a composer, musician, and producer. He writes and produces music for bands and artists like The Irrepressibles, Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls), Hogni Egilsson (Hjaltalin), GusGus, Author&Punisher, Clare and the Reasons, Tanya Tagaq, Amiina, Craig Walker (Archive), Little Red Lung, Jo Hamilton, Eivor, Dorian Wood, and collaborates with many others in the stagings of his concerts, including singer Thony, violinist Galya Bisengalieva (soloist of the LCO LondonContemporary Orchestra), the Russian performer Lisokot, BIM Orchestra, and fine-art photographers as Kirsty Mitchell, Aela Labbè, Helen Warner, Nicol Vizioli, Jacqueline Roberts, Alex Stoddard, Brooke Shaden, Oleg Dou, and visual artists as ZaeliaBishop, Davide Dormino and Nina Viviana Cangialosi. His first work called “The Bush” is a fairy concept album with 25 original songs and more than 60 international guests, a book and a contemporary fable that he writes, arranges and produces, getting reviews with honors from Italian and international magazines. 
He sign the soundtrack for the the ads “Persol”, directed by Brando De Sica, starring Wim Wenders, awarded at the Venice Film Festival. Music for the Greenpeace ads “Little Red Riding Hood”, directed by Valerio Rufo. He finished the soundtrack of the film “Monolith”, directed by Ivan Silvestrini, a film produced by Sky Italia and Lock&Valentine, and co-produced by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

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