Frank Ilfman

Frank Haim Ilfman (born March 18, 1970) is an Israeli / German composer based in London and Los Angeles. Frank Ifman’s recent scores include the award-winning films Big Bad Wolves and Cupcakes, with scores performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra at the legendary Air Studios. He has also scored: May I Kill U?, a dark comedy, directed by BAFTA award winner Stuart Urban and starring Kevin Bishop; Mercenaries, directed by Paris Leonti, starring Robert Fucilla and Billy Zane; the three-part documentaries The Iraq War and Putin, Russia and the West for BBC and the internationally acclaimed heartbreaking film Bitter Seeds, directed by Micha Peled. Forth coming films include Apples and Oranges for director Richard Scobie and the romantic comedy Emotional Rescue, starring Heather Graham and Timothy Hutton. On 28 January 2014, the album for the Big Bad Wolves Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released by MovieMediaScores / Kronos Records. In 2008 Frank Ilfman was invited to join The European Film Academy (EFA) and The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

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