Henri Sorvali

 (Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali) is the composer, singer, producer (Rovio Entertainment) and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keyboards, banjo, bass, mouth harp, accordion) of the bands Moonsorrow and Finntroll. He is known for Curse of the Witches Blood (2013), The Tales of Bingwood (2009), Robocide (2015), Angry Birds Series -Angry Birds (2013), Angry Birds Star Wars (2013), Angry Birds Epic (2013), Angry Birds Friends (2013), Angry Birds Seasons (2013), Angry Birds Fight! (2014), Angry Birds Toons (2014), Angry Birds 2 (2014), The Angry Birds Movie (2015), Angry Birds Action! (2016), Angry Birds Holiday Island (2016), Angry Birds Sky Fighter (2016), Angry Birds Blast (2016), Angry Birds Evolution (2016).

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