Jake Monaco

Composer ’s musical fingerprints can be found on some of the biggest film scores of the past decade. As a producer and composer of additional music for Christophe Beck, Monaco has contributed to the animated magic of Frozen, the record-breaking laughs of The Hangover trilogy, the furry hijinks of The Muppets, and the real-life drama of Waiting for Superman. As a versatile composer in his own right, Monaco has scored projects spanning murder mystery (Out to Kill), romantic drama (Kilimanjaro) and classroom comedy (Struck by Lightning). He also co-composed the music for President Obama’s re-election film, The Road We’ve Traveled, narrated by Tom Hanks. Most recently Monaco composed the score to Playing It Cool starring Chris Evens and Michelle Monaghan and co-scored the Fox action/comedy Let’s Be Cops. Monaco is currently scoring season one of the new Netflix TV show DinoTrux as well as Be Cool Scooby Doo for Warner Bros. Animation.

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