Jasha Klebe

 is an American film composer. Jasha is one of the leading composers for Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop (a Hans Zimmer and Extreme Music creative partnership) located in Santa Monica, California. Jasha’s music can be heard on numerous primetime television channels including ABC, CBS, MTV, Netflix, Lifetime, A&E, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, and BBC. Jasha’s film composing career began with an internship at Remote Control Productions, which quickly led to a studio assistant position to the Oscar winning composer, Hans Zimmer. A pivotal moment came when Hans asked him to be the Music Arranger for the 84th Annual Academy Awards, as well as a keyboard/ synthesizer player in the orchestra for the show. Following the Oscars, Jasha earned a spot on Hans’ team writing on The Dark Knight Rises, and several other notable projects. For four years, he gained experience working with top artists in the industry, including working with the Grammy Award winning composer, Lorne Balfe on several TV shows and video games. With the opening of the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop next door, Jasha’s expertise was readily recognized and now works out of one of their state-of-the art studios. In addition to his work for Bleeding Fingers, Jasha scored the Emmy and Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary, “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom,” directed by Evgeny Afineevsky.

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