Johnny Jewel

 is an American record producer, composer, and visual artist. He is a multi-instrumentalist who is known for using all-analog equipment. He has been recording and releasing records since the mid-1990s. Jewel owns and operates his own record label called Italians Do It Better. He is a member of multiple bands on the label, including Glass Candy (along with vocalist Ida No), Chromatics (along with Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller and Nat Walker), Desire (with Megan Louise and Nat Walker), and Symmetry (with Nat Walker). Jewel also occasionally collaborates with artists Farah, Mirage, Twisted Wires and Appaloosa. As a composer, Jewel is widely known for his contributions to the films Bronson (2008) and Drive (2011), as well as the A&E crime drama series Those Who Kill (2014). He also scored actor Ryan Gosling’s 2015 directorial debut, Lost River.

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