Nathan Larson

is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and author widely known for his numerous film score compositions. Larson was the lead guitarist for the 1990s band, Shudder to Think, and the original bassist for the hardcore punkband, Swiz. Larson was also the creative force behind the group, Mind Science of the Mind, and founder of the band, Hot One. Larson and his wife Nina Persson have also been frequent musical collaborators, Persson providing vocals on several of Larson’s film soundtracks, and Larson being a member of Persson’s A Camp project and of the band on her solo album Animal Heart. Larson is also credited as co-writer of several songs on The Cardigans’ 2005 album (and last to date), Super Extra GravityLarson is also a prolific of music for films and has contributed to over 25 movie scores to date.

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