Pascal Gaigne

is a French film composer. Pascal studied music composition at the University of Pau, in France, with Guy Maneveau, and at the National Conservatory of Toulouse, where he was the winner of the first prize in composition and acousmatic music (within the field of electroacoustic music). He is a versatile composer who works in different fields, including the movie industry, theater, dance and concerts. Scores: A part of his work is presented in the following list regarding cooperations with directors in movies: Victor Erice (El sol del membrillo), Montxo Armendáriz (Silencio roto), Salvador Garcia (Mensaka, El otro barrio, Las voces de la noche, Castillos de Cartón), Ramón Salazar (Piedras, 20 centímetros), Gracia Querejeta (Siete mesas de billar francés), Pavel Giroud (Omerta), Safy Nebbou (Le cou de la girafe), Julio Medem (La pelota Vasca), Current Projects: During June 2012, he released the album RETROSPECTIVE by Quartet Records, which includes a compilation for celebrating 20 years in film music of Pascal Gaigne, one of the most essential and respected composers in the Spanish cinema, whose career is a constant work-in-progress is the website of Quartet Records states.

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