Paul Haslinger

(born 11 December 1962) is an Austrian-born composer and music producer based out of Los Angeles, California. Paul Haslinger began his career as a member of Electronic Music pioneers Tangerine Dream and toured with them extensively from 1985-90. While with the band he contributed to projects such as the album Underwater Sunlight (1986), as well as the films Near Dark (1987) and Miracle Mile (1988). In 1990, the band received a Grammy Nomination for their score to the Miramar Documentary Canyon Dreams. Paul moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to expand his creative scope which led to a number of collaborations and began to shift his focus towards film scoring. It was his programming work for composer Graeme Revell that caught the attention of Hollywood executives and lead to his first solo credit, scoring HBO’s Cheaters in 2000. Paul’s unique approach to scoring is based on his belief that music in any genre, including film and television, should represent and be relevant to the time in which it was written.  He received an Emmy nomination for his work on the Showtime Series Sleeper Cell (2007) and is the recipient of multiple BMI awards.

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