Toni M. Mir

is a Spanish film and TV composer. Toni M. Mir is known for his work on Crosstown (2013), Les dues vides d’Andrés Rabadán (2008) and El ciudadano ilustre (2016). In 2001, Mir composed his first feature-length film score, for La Fura dels Baus’s Fausto 5.0. Following this success, he went on to write an original score for Ventura Durall’s “Las Dos Vidas de Andrés Rabadán”. More recently his work has drawn him into the American market beginning with the soundtrack for the US/Spanish documentary “New York Showcase”, directed by Albert Uría (2012), and recent Hollywood feature films, “Greencard Warriors”, written and directed by Miriam Kruishoop (2013), and “Chances”, directed by Han Rhyu (2014).

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