Original Motion Picture (OST) to the Don’t Tell (2017).
Music composed by Bryony Marks.

Source: Don’t Tell Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by
Label: LilliPilli IP
Release Date: May 18, 2017 (Digital)

Don’t Tell is a 2017 Australian drama film directed by Tori Garrett. The film stars Aden Young, Jaqueline McKenzie, Gyton Grantley, Susie Porter, Martin Sacks, Robert Taylor, Robert Coleby.

Track listing
1 Make It Rain
2 Bad Choices
3 Toowoomba
4 Bowser Flashback
5 I Hate Eggs
6 Kingdom of Heaven
7 Risk
8 Movie Night
9 Good to Know
10 Notes
11 Few Bad Apples
12 Hugging a Pillow
13 Family
14 Press
15 Choir Camp
16 Common Room
17 Ballet
18 Going Somewhere
19 Don’t You Dare
20 Couldn’t Have Known
21 Emergency Meeting
22 Summation
23 The Verdict


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