Original (OST) to the : Faith Fact Forgery (2015).
Music composed by Tom Howe.

Source: Finding Jesus TV Series
Style: Original Soundtrack – Music from the Original TV Series
Music by
Label: Redrocca
Release Date: May 12, 2017 (Digital)

Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery is a 2015 American documentary television series directed by Hugh Ballantyne, Nick Green, Gary Johnstone, Carl Hindmarch.

Track listing
1 Finding Jesus
2 Crashed Wave
3 Produced by Radiation
4 Honorable Burial
5 Taking a Beating
6 Mary Magdalene
7 Entry to Jerusalem
8 Unseen Pieces
9 Testing the Shroud
10 Pilate
11 Belong to Mary
12 Forgery
13 Extraordinary Discovery
14 Arrival in Ireland
15 Lazarus, I Am the Resurrection
16 With God
17 Key Message
18 Pilate Dream Trial
19 She Divides
20 Flogging Saints
21 Manuscripts
22 Shroud Interview
23 Test of Faith


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