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Original (OST) from the mini-series (2017).
Music composed by Dominik Giesrigl & Johannes Brandt.

Source: Honigfrauen Series
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by &
Label: Bavaria Sonor Mediathek
Release Date: April 21, 2017 (Digital)

Honigfrauen is a 2017 German drama mini-series created by Ben Verbong, starring – Sonja Gerhardt, Cornelia Gröschel, Jacqueline Mila Moellendorf.

Track listing
1 Balaton Theme
2 Arrival
3 Majas Theme
4 A Scent of Freedom
5 The Store
6 Boat Trip
7 Love Theme
8 The Truth
9 A Day at the Lake
10 Family Affairs
11 You Still Love Me
12 Run Away
13 Boardwalk
14 Timos Death
15 Stasi
16 You Will Never Have Him
17 I’m Your Father
18 Let’s Get Married
19 The Wedding
20 The Fight
21 Confession
22 Be Safe
23 Reunion


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