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Original (OST) to the : Battle Mini Game (2016).
Music composed by Gareth Coker.

Source: Minecraft Battle Mini Game Game
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by
Label: Microsoft Studios Music
Released: December 21, 2016 (Digital)

Minecraft: Battle Mini Game is a console-exclusive gamemode that was released in TU34. It is the first of the minigames that were added for consoles.

Track listing
1 Toys on a Tear (Shrunk)
2 Dance of the Blocks (Shrunk)
3 Master Builder (Shrunk)
4 Double Time (Tumble)
5 Nimbly Does It (Tumble)
6 Chop Chop (Tumble)
7 Agile Accelerando (Tumble)
8 Lickety Split (Tumble)
9 Time is of the Essence (Tumble)
10 Swift Descent (Tumble)
11 Dashing on the Double (Tumble)
12 Pronto (Tumble)
13 Breakneck Boogie (Tumble)
14 Hastilude (Fantasy)
15 Crusaders (Fantasy)
16 Born to Arms (Fantasy)
17 8-Bits, Pieces & Chunks (City)
18 Beat Around the Block (City)
19 From District to District (City)
20 Precincts at Night (City)
21 Industrial Quarter (City)
22 Clockwork Crafter (Steampunk)
23 Magnificent Machines (Steampunk)
24 Steaming Superstructures (Steampunk)
25 Airship Adventurers (Steampunk)
26 Sunset Riders (Frontier)
27 The Outlaw (Frontier)
28 Desert Duel (Frontier)
29 Ghosts in the Tower (Halloween)
30 Warped World (Halloween)
31 Happy Halloween (Halloween)
32 Wondrous Workshop (Festive)
33 Crafter's Candy Canes (Festive)
34 Giftwrapped (Festive)


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 5.00)