Original (Deluxe OST) from the video (2017).
Music composed by David Garcia Diaz.

Source: RiME Game
Style: Deluxe Soundtrack
Music by
Label: Grey Box
Release Date: May 26, 2017 (Digital)

Rime (stylized as RiME) is a 2017 third-person view, adventure puzzle video game developed by Tequila Works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch.

Track listing
1 The Song of the Sea (feat. Mirella Díez Morán)
2 Departure
3 Elder Silence
4 Promenade
5 The Island
6 A New Friend
7 Orichalcum
8 The Edge of Light
9 Let Me Go
10 The King
11 Below
12 The Shadow System
13 The Bridge
14 Touching the Stars
15 Luminology
16 The Path of the Stars
17 Up to the Nest
18 Alone in the Light
19 Sentinel
20 The Heart of the Island
21 Moon Temple
22 Guiding the Sentinel
23 Lullaby for an Island
24 One Last Time
25 The Memory of a Name
26 The Song of the Sea (Reprise) (feat. Silvia Guillem Cofreces)
27 A Dream or a Memory
28 First Lights
29 The Birth of an Island
30 A New Beginning
31 A Song for the Fireflies
32 Moving the Sky
33 Aligning the Sky
34 Growing Stronger
35 Love Is in the Wind
36 At the Top of the Sun
37 Echo
38 Alma
39 The Dark
40 I’m Here


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