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Original Television (OST) to the (2017).
Music composed by Timo Baker.

Source: River Monsters TV Series
Style: Original Soundtrack – Music from the Original TV Series
Music by
Label: Redrocca
Released: March 31, 2017 (Digital)

River Monsters is a British-American wildlife documentary television series created for Animal Planet. The film stars Barny Revill, Dominic Weston, Charlie Bingham, Charlotte Jones, Luke Wiles, Daniel Rasmussen.

Track listing
1 Spirit Rock
2 Breaking Point
3 Sense of Power
4 So Much Strength
5 Strike Gold
6 Lair of Giants
7 Endless Search
8 Tranquility
9 Lamprey on the Border
10 Vanish
11 Chernobyl Dosimeter
12 Swallowed Hole
13 Creature in the Lake
14 Day Break
15 Entangled
16 Rarely Found
17 Big Feeding Frenzy
18 Damnation
19 Cold Northern Waters
20 Monsters Do Exist
21 Peru
22 Ray Hook
23 Bull Shark
24 Last Chance

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