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Original Motion Picture (OST) from the (2016).
Music composed by Various Artists.

Source: Studio Gangster Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by
Label: Music Access, Inc.
Released: October 21, 2016 (Digital)

Studio Gangster is a 2016 American thriller film directed by Dewey Allen, written by Dewey Allen and Mando Allen. The film stars Courtenay A'Kimmi, Dewey Allen, Mando Allen.

Track listing
1 Go Time (feat. Young Buck) (Explicit) - V Lo The Maestro
2 Tipsy (feat. Kevin Gates) (Explicit) - V Lo The Maestro
3 Real Nigga Swag (feat. Bighead da Dome Doctor) (Explicit) - Quick Badazz
4 Prayed for Me (feat. Underboss & J Trax) (Explicit) - King Ryce
5 Red Stick (Explicit) - Judy Boy
6 One Way (feat. Level & Mouse on tha Track) (Explicit) - Lil Cali
7 Way Too Serious (Explicit) - Quick Badazz
8 Then (Explicit) - Qurius
9 Studio Gangster (feat. Mtf) (Explicit) - E Master C
10 Promise 2 Stay the Same (feat. Baby J & Monty) (Explicit) - King Ryce
11 Overdose (feat. Gabe Parker) (Explicit) - Fletch
12 Findaway (feat. Wale & Juvenile) (Explicit) - Lil Cali
13 Niggaz Plotted (Explicit) - Color Wheel
14 Jump out Boyz (feat. Chris T) (Explicit) - E Master C
15 Dear God (feat. Shane & Rain) (Explicit) - D Streetz
16 Roc Man (feat. Judy Boy & Bayou) (Explicit) - E Master C
17 Footsteps of a Dead Man (feat. Dirty Dave) (Explicit) - Black Savage
18 Getting Dollars (feat. the Hustlers) (Explicit) - The Hitman


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00)