Original Motion Picture (OST) from the (2016).
Music composed by Ronnie Minder.

Source: The Legend of Ben Hall Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by
Label: Esperanto Records
Released: December 1, 2016 (Digital)

The Legend of Ben Hall is an Australian historical drama action film based on the true story of the Australian bushranger, Ben Hall. Film has been written, produced and directed by Matthew Holmes and stars Jack Martin in the title role of Ben Hall, a legendary bushranger in Central West New South Wales.

Track listing
1 The Legend Of Ben Hall
2 Ambush At Bundaburra
3 To Hell With Bushranging
4 Finding Henry
5 This Is Your Home Now
6 Dreaming
7 Traps At The Coneleys
8 Portrait
9 We Ride Again
10 Those Bold Bushrangers
11 The Battle Of Jugiong
12 This Is Who We Are, Ben
13 True Hatred
14 Christina McKinnon
15 Bad News
16 Don't You Shoot My Father
17 Burning At Binda
18 The Collector Hotel
19 Say It Again, Jack
20 I Shot A Man
21 Nightmares
22 Gunfight At Mutbilly
23 Anyone Can Kill You
24 The Araluen Escort
25 Farewell To Ryan
26 You Can't Let Biddy Go
27 Life Always Has Other Plans
28 Father & Son
29 Last Goodbye
30 Sold Out
31 He'll Know It Was Me
32 Billy Dargin
33 Boots Off
34 The Mourning Of May 5th
35 Epilogue

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