Original Video (OST) from the game .
Music composed by (J.D.K. / JDK Band).

Source: Vantage Master Game
Style: Original Video Game Soundtrack
Music by Falcom Sound Team jdk
Label: Falcom
Released: September 21, 2016 / May 31, 2006 (Digital)

Vantage Master is a Japanese tactical RPG game developed and published by Nihon Falcom. 

Track listing
1 Quiet Pure White (Snowy Field)
2 Look Up At the Twinkle (Highlands)
3 Group Dancing of Shade and Gleam (Forest)
4 The Fight With Loneliness (Cave)
5 Dreaming of the Top (Desert)
6 Pure People (Map Select)
7 Triumphant Return of Conqueror (Victory)
8 Faint Light of Hope (Defeat)
9 Labyrinth of Time (Dojo)
10 The City of Ancient God (Marine City)
11 Between a Dimension (Darkness)
12 Dangerous Presentiment (Volcano)
13 The March of Abyss (Limestone Cave)
14 At the Time of Genesis (Title)
15 Vantage Master (Opening)
16 Visual (Event)
17 Invitation (Master Select)
18 Pulsation of Recollection (Ending 1)
19 Into the New Way (Ending 2)
20 Into the New Way V2 (V2 Ending 2)

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