Amie Doherty

Amie Doherty

Amie Doherty is an Irish composer for film and television. Amie is best known for her work on Undone (2019), Light In The Water (2018), Love You To Death (2019), Where We Go from Here (2018).

Irish composer Amie Doherty’s credits span a wide range of genres in both film and television. Currently scoring Amazon’s upcoming sci-fi adult animation series Undone starring Bob Odenkirk and Rosa Salazar, she has worked to create a unique and distinctive sound to match the show’s stunning artwork. Other recent scores include DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming short film Marooned; Emmy-nominated documentary Light In The Water; Paramount’s Here and Now starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Renée Zellweger, and Common, and produced by Parker’s Pretty Matches Productions; Sony/Lifetime’s Love You To Death starring Marcia Gay Harden; Where We Go From Here, a deeply moving film exploring gun violence in America, premiering at Outfest 2019; and Tribeca 2017’s winning film Keep The Change.
Amie’s recent orchestration and conducting work includes CBS’s acclaimed series Star Trek: Discovery, Fox Searchlight’s upcoming film Lucy In The Sky, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe winners Fargo and The Night Of, as well as FX’s Legion, Starz’s Counterpart, and Netflix’s Altered Carbon. In June 2018, she had the pleasure to work with rapper 50 cent, conducting an orchestra, choir and band at the world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City for a performance at the premiere of his hit show Power.

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