Augustus Muller

Augustus Muller

Augustus Muller is a talented artist known for his work in music, filmmaking, and composing. He is half of the electronic music duo Boy Harsher, which has gained significant recognition since 2014. Boy Harsher has released four studio albums and has performed at shows worldwide.
In 2021, Boy Harsher released The Runner (Original Soundtrack), which was accompanied by a 40-minute film of the same name. The film was shot on 16mm film and was written, directed, and produced by the band themselves. This project showcased Muller’s skills as a filmmaker and composer. Additionally, Boy Harsher contributed an original song to the film Halloween Ends, directed by David Gordon Green, in 2021, further establishing their presence in the film industry.
Muller’s journey into composing began in 2019 when he scored two short films for A Four Chambered Heart, an adult film site. This music was later released as an LP titled Machine Learning Experiments in March 2020.
In 2022, Augustus Muller made his debut as a feature film composer for My Animal, directed by Jacqueline Castel and written by his bandmate Jae Matthews. The film was scheduled to premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, showcasing Muller’s expanding career as a composer and his continued involvement in the world of filmmaking.