Erwann Kermorvant

Erwann Kermorvant

(Erwan Kermorvan) is a French film and TV who composed music for Olivia (2020), Les Ombres de Lisieux (2019), La vengeance aux yeux clairs (2016), Braquo (2009), Carbone (2017), R.I.S. Police scientifique (2006), Section Zéro (2016). Erwann is a director of the company Karma Dance Project.

Born in 1972, Erwann begins his musical education at the age of 7 at the Lorient Conservatory where he starts playing the clarinet. At the age of 17 he goes to the United States and discovers film music alongside Ralph Grierson, a renowned session keyboard player in Hollywood.
Following his passion, he enters the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles specializing in film music than is accepted at the U.C.L.A where he attends classes with prominent figures like Gerald Fried and Steven Scott Smaley. With his American experience under the belt Erwann Kermorvant quickly develops a sense for the screen with an effective and sharp musical writing.
From short films to television (Braquo, No Limit), through action movies or mainstream comedies (like director Eric Lartigau’s I Do, But who killed Pamela Rose?) he gradually introduces himself into the French media landscape.

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