Paul Mills

Paul Mills

is a composer for film and television, musician, music producer. Paul is known for his work on Lien on Me (2020), The Little Kite (2020), Run the Race (2019), Sweet Sweet Summertime (2017), Still Breathing (1997), Kill the Man (1999).

He’s a musician, a producer, a ; capable of transforming the elements of music into whatever atmosphere the script demands. For three decades the instrumental skill of Paul Mills has been the invisible supporting character of every documentary, every feature film he has scored…
From the beginning, Paul’s musical skills have been a combination of natural talent and disciplined experience; mixed with a subtle, humble spark of spirituality. If this musician has had an edge over others in his field it is, no doubt, that intimate element of inspiration. Not only has this quality enhanced his experienced ear, it has also informed his intuition for choosing just the right combination of voice, instrument, words and music. And that unique sense of ‘balance’ is what has propelled Paul Mills into one of the busiest and most successful music producers in Music’s capital city.

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