Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film Clementine (2019). The music is composed by Katy Jarzebowski.

Source: Clementine Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Katy Jarzebowski
Label: Infinite Companion
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 5, 2021

Clementine is a 2019 American romantic drama film written and directed by Lara Gallagher, distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories. The film stars Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney, Will Brittain, Sonya Walger, Ramsey, Meeko, Samuel Summer, Gregory Brady, Will Cuddy, Chase Offerle, Sean Sisson, Camille Carpenter, Alissa Jessup, Laura Faye Smith, Clinton Evans, and Christopher Tallmadge.

The soundtrack album is available for order on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page.

1 Antonia Jane – Lightning Dust
2 Escaping L.A. – Katy Jarzebowski
3 Fire Wonder – Katy Jarzebowski
4 The Past Remembered – Katy Jarzebowski
5 Boxer – Lovers
6 Pull From The Feeder – The Centennial
7 Watcher in the Woods – Katy Jarzebowski
8 Wake Up Call – Katy Jarzebowski
9 Fallout and Fire – R. Ring
10 Mourning Prep – Katy Jarzebowski
11 Unwelcome Visitor – Katy Jarzebowski
12 Breaking In – Katy Jarzebowski
13 Trip Across the Lake – Katy Jarzebowski
14 Abroad – Chain Wallet
15 Waiting on the Sun to Rise – Lightning Dust
16 Nature Walk – Katy Jarzebowski

Clementine Official Trailer (2020)