Original Television Soundtrack for the series Floopaloo where are you? (2011). The music is composed by Vincent Artaud.

Source: Floopaloo Series
Genre: Music from the Original TV Series
Music by Vincent Artaud
Label: Xilam Animation
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 1, 2020

Floopaloo, where are you? (originally titled as Flapacha, Ou Es-Tu?) is a French-Italian adventure comedy animated television series created by Hugo Gittard, produced by Marc du Pontavice. The series stars (voices) Lizzie Waterworth, Teresa Gallagher, Gina Murray, Joanna Ruiz, Charlie Hayes, Penny Rawlins, Wayne Forester.a

1 The Day at the Camp (feat. Garance Agulhon)
2 Lisa Is Having Fun (feat. Garance Agulhon)
3 The Brass Band of the Children (feat. Michel Feugère)
4 Matt Is Having Fun (feat. Garance Agulhon)
5 Hippolyte Has a Crush (feat. Jp Minalli-Bella)
6 The Evening at the Camp (feat. Garance Agulhon)
7 The Twin Sisters (feat. Garance Agulhon)
8 The Expedition (feat. Michel Feugère)
9 Matt Is Leading Investigation (feat. Garance Agulhon)
10 The Joyfull Children (feat. Garance Agulhon)
11 Lisa Is Dreaming (feat. Garance Agulhon)
12 The Disco
13 Greta (feat. Garance Agulhon)
14 Hippolyte Is Upset (feat. Michel Feugère)
15 Lisa (feat. Garance Agulhon)
16 The Holiday Camp Party (feat. Garance Agulhon)
17 Matt Is Dreaming (feat. Garance Agulhon)
18 Hippolyte Is Joyful (feat. Michel Feugère)
19 Brian