Original Score (OST) from the National Geographic mini-series Hostile Planet – Hostile Planet Volume 3: Deserts and Polar (2019). The music composed by Benjamin Wallfisch (Mully, The Darkest Minds, A Cure For Wellness, Lights Out).

Source: Hostile Planet Series (Volume 3)
Genre: Music from the National Geographic Series
Music by Benjamin Wallfisch
Label: Milan Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 3, 2019

Hostile Planet is a 2019 National Geographic documentary miniseries with Bear Grylls in the lead role.

1 Emperor

2 Emperor Chick
3 Surviving Winter
4 Gentoo Penguins
5 Stranded
6 Beluga Whale
7 Polar Survival
8 Arabian Wolf
9 Lizards, Hyenas and Harpsichords
10 Hawk Chase
11 Muskox
12 Hawks v Bats

Hostile Planet Vol. 1 Soundtrack
Hostile Planet Vol. 2 Soundtrack

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