Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the movie Jurij (2001).
Music composed by Leonard Rosenman.

Source: Jurij Movie
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by Leonard Rosenman
Label: Red Bitch Music
Released: July 8, 2016 (Digital, CD)

Track listing
1 Remembrance
2 Sole
3 Father Remember Estzer
4 Jurij Leaves the Train
5 Touching
6 Jurij Takes a Drink
7 Jurij Hears the Rain
8 Isabella Studies Jurij
9 The Wind
10 Storm and Death
11 The Hike to the Tree
12 Do You Remember the Sky?
13 The Abduction
14 I’m Afraid
15 My Name Is Jurij
16 End Title
17 Ciaccona Per Violino