Original Television for the animated Mr. Magoo (2019). The music is composed by (Floopaloo).

Source: Mr. Magoo Series
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Vincent Artaud
Label: Xilam Animation
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 20, 2020

Mr. Magoo (or Mister Magoo) is a 2019 French-American adventure comedy animated television series based on the fictional character Mr. Magoo by Millard Kaufman and John Hubley. The series is created by Olivier Jean-Marie, Hugo Gittard, Olivier Delabarre, and Baptiste Lucas, produced by Xilam Animation and DreamWorks Classics, stars (voices) Ian Hanlin, Colin Murdock, Shawn MacDonald.

1 Magoo’s Main Theme
2 Magoo’s Daily Life (feat. Frédéric Couderc)
3 Introducing Mr. Magoo (feat. Frédéric Couderc)
4 Fizz’s Evil Plan
5 Ridiculous Weasel (feat. Guillaume Poncelet)
6 Magoo’s Daily Workout
7 Magoo’s Romance (feat. Guillaume Poncelet)
8 Chasing Fizz (feat. Guillaume Poncelet)
9 Weasel’s Sadness (feat. Guillaume Poncelet)
10 Magoo’s Dream
11 Magoo’s Chill Out (feat. Frédéric Couderc)
12 Elevator Music (feat. Guillaume Poncelet)
13 Fizz Leader of the World
14 Magoo’s Investigation
15 Magoo’s Going Downtown
16 Magoo’s Awakening (feat. Frédéric Couderc)
17 The Policeman’s Dance

Mr. Magoo – The Penguins Team Up (2019)