Original Television Soundtrack () for the ABC Seasons 1-2 (2018-2020). The music is composed by Matteo Zingales and Antony Partos.

Source: Mystery Road Series (Seasons 1-2)
Genre: Original Score
Music by Various Artists (Matteo Zingales & Antony Partos)
Label: ABC
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 2, 2020

Mystery Road is a 2018 Australian mystery crime television series, a spin-off from films Mystery Road (2013) and Goldstone (2016). The first season is directed by Rachel Perkins, the second – by Warwick Thornton and Wayne Blair, stars Aaron Pedersen, Judy Davis, Deborah Mailman, Colin Friels, Wayne Blair, Anthony Hayes, Ernie Dingo, John (Russell) Waters, Aaron McGrath, Tasma Walton, Madeleine Madden, Kris McQuade, Meyne Wyatt, Tasia Zalar, Ningali Lawford Wolf.

1. Constable James Arrives
2. Drive To Township
3. Crystal Arrives
4. Plot Thickens
5. A Sense Of Urgency
6. Target Practice
7. Unsettled
8. Something’s A Miss
9. Uncovered
10. Bus Ride
11. The Rock Pool
12. An Uncomfortable Truth
13. Moving On
14. Moment Of Reflection
15. Ride Off
16. The Torso
17. Just Drive
18. Swampy
19. A Dark Underbelly
20. Off Balance
21. Intrigued
22. Hick Chase
23. Look Away
24. Not Again
25. Thick Of It
26. Trapped
27. Drawn In
28. Escape To Nowhere
29. Sense Of Loss
30. Unstoppable Force
31. In Safe Hands
32. Jay’s Theme
33. Broken
34. A Heroic Attempt