Original Series Soundtrack from the Netflix action-adventure series FUBAR (2023). The original score music is composed by Tony Morales (The Fugitive).

Source: FUBAR Series
Genre: Soundtrack From The Netflix Series
Music by Tony Morales
Label: Lakeshore Records
Format: Digital
Pre-order: June 2, 2023
Release Date: June 9, 2023

FUBAR is a 2023 American action-adventure thriller streaming television series created by Nick Santora, produced by Skydance Television and Blackjack Films, and distributed by Netflix. The series stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle, Fabiana Udenio, Jay Baruchel, Scott Thompson, Barbara Eve Harris, Stephanie Sy, Aparna Brielle, David Chinchilla, and Rachel Lynch.
FUBAR premiered on 25th May 2023 on Netflix.

1 FUBAR End Credits Theme
2 Kings In The Castle
3 I Took The Antidote
4 Operation Panda Drop
5 Don’t Know You
6 Father Meets Daughter
7 Dead In The Water
8 Grabbing The Case
9 Guyanese Compound
10 FBI Ultimatum
11 Messy Is A Problem
12 Premium Wax
13 This Is My Seat
14 Cupcakes
15 Spy Train
16 World’s Largest Dirty Bomb
17 Dirty Bomb Train
18 Family Dinners
19 Action Figures
20 Moldovan Jam Slam
21 Never Unfaithful
22 Faraday Cage Weakened
23 Hanky Spanky
24 Beating Level Seven
25 Rowing Machine
26 Someone Else
27 Landon’s Jeep
28 Breaking Up With Emma
29 Reactor
30 Dr. Pfeffer To The Rescue
31 Finn Confronts Boro
32 The Minute I Met You
33 True
34 Vent Escape
35 Get Out
36 Saving Emma
37 In Love With You
38 Russian Spy
39 The Death Of Boro
40 Nowhere Is Safe

The original soundtrack is now available for streaming or purchasing on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links.

Netflix’ FUBAR Official Trailer (2023)