Original Series Soundtrack for the Netflix series Inhuman Resources (2020). The music composed by Eric Neveux (Qu’un sang impur, SamSam, Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio).

Source: Inhuman Resources Series
Genre: Original Series Soundtrack
Music by Eric Neveux
Label: Unkle Productions
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 15, 2020

Inhuman Resources is a 2020 French drama-thriller web television series directed by Ziad Doueiri. The series stars Eric Cantona, Suzanne Clément, Alex Lutz, Gustave Kervern, Alice de Lencquesaing, Louise Coldefy, Aton, Adama Niane, Soraya Garlenq, Carlos Chahine, Eurydice El-Etr, Cyril Couton.

1 Modern Collapse (Main Title)
2 Skyscrapers
3 Love Is My Family
4 The Hive
5 A Simple Plan
6 We Were 1 + 1
7 The Deal Is Done
8 Hope and Grief
9 30 Years Lockup
10 Playing with Your Life
11 A Different Kind of Species
12 My Eyes From the 16th Floor
13 Mollusk
14 Mr. Majestic
15 Unnatural Selection
16 Inhuman Resources
17 T Minus 9
18 Wicked Scheme
19 Team Lucy
20 In the Crosshair

Inhuman Resources Official Trailer (2020)