Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film Only the Animals (2019). The music was composed by Benedikt Schiefer.

Source: Only the Animals Movie
Genre: Original Score
Music by Benedikt Schiefer
Label: Haut et Court
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 4, 2019

Only the Animals (originally titled as Seules les betes) is a 2019 French crime thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Colin Niel. The film is written by Dominik Moll and Gilles Marchand, directed by Dominik Moll, stars Denis Ménochet, Laure Calamy, Damien Bonnard, Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Bastien Bouillon, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.

1 The Blizzard – Benedikt Schiefer
2 Only the Mist – Benedikt Schiefer
3 Alice’s Temptation – Benedikt Schiefer
4 When You Love Each Other, Nothing Can Happen to You – Benedikt Schiefer
5 Joseph’s Temptation – Benedikt Schiefer
6 Michel’s Temptation – Benedikt Schiefer
7 The Good Way – Benedikt Schiefer
8 Mysterious Connections – Benedikt Schiefer
9 The Breeze (Bonus track) – Benedikt Schiefer
10 Tu t’en vas – Bertrand Belin, Barbara Carlotti