Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the comedy film Popular Theory (2024). The original music was written by Jordan Seigel (Half Brothers).

Source: Popular Theory Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jordan Seigel
Label: Wonderbird Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 9, 2024

Popular Theory is a 2024 American coming-of-age comedy film written by Ali Scher and Joe Swanson, directed by Ali Scher, produced by Two Independent Eyes Productions, and distributed by Blue Fox Entertainment. The film stars Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Cheryl Hines, Marc Evan Jackson, Lincoln Lambert, Chloe East, Melissa Ponzio, Eugenie Bondurant, Kat Conner Sterling, Mason Mecartea, Varak Baronian, and Sparrow Nicole.
Popular Theory is set to premiere on 9th February 2024.

1 Welcome to High School
2 Erwin’s Birthday Gift
3 Pretty Basic Algebra
4 The Perfect PB&J Sandwich
5 Meet Winston
6 A Little Healthy Competition
7 I Wish You Were Here
8 Science Fair Ideas
9 Casey, The Outcast
10 The Big Idea
11 An Unexpected Guest
12 Trial and Error
13 Adventures in Chemistry
14 A New Breakthrough
15 Erlenmeyer Flask Fight
16 Human Trials
17 History Has Been Made
18 Stargazing
19 Alan’s Opportunity
20 Ethical Dilemma
21 Popularity
22 The Gum Wears Off
23 Lonely Winston
24 Your Other Test Subjects
25 My Little Erwin
26 Give Us The Gum
27 Erwin’s Talk with Dad
28 The Chase
29 Winston To The Rescue
30 Sisters
31 The Reunion
32 Popular Repercussions

The original soundtrack is now available for streaming or purchasing on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links.

Popular Theory Official Trailer (2024)