Original Television Soundtrack for the thriller series Release (2020). The music is composed by Joseph Trapanese (Spontaneous, The Bannen Way) and Clark Rhee.

Source: Release Series
Genre: Music from the Original TV Series
Music by Various Artists (Joseph Trapanese & Clark Rhee)
Label: Blue Bonsai Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 16, 2020

Release is a 2020 American thriller television series starred by Deniz Akdeniz, Dan Bittner, Kaliswa Brewster, Jade Harlow, MaryJoanna Grisso, Damiyr Shuford, Noah Averbach-Katz, Kota Eberhardt, Lance R. Marshall.

1 Waiting
2 Crash
3 I Can’t Let You In
4 The Other Side
5 Forced Entry
6 The Safe
7 Family Returns
8 Hostages
9 Just Leave Them
10 A Thief’s Honor
11 Death Toll
12 One Last Thing
13 Empty House
14 Hi John
15 John Confesses
16 Grace
17 Heart Attack
18 Exposure
19 Did You Know Him
20 House Call
21 Morning Light
22 Military Occupation
23 Quarantine Lifted
24 How Do We Know
25 Normality
26 You Should Go

Release Official Trailer (2020)