Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) to the movie Riverhead (2016). The music composed by Ulver.

Source: Riverhead Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Ulver
Label: House Of Mythology
Released: December 9, 2016 (Digital), March 17, 2017 (CD, Vinyl)

Riverhead is a 2016 Canadian crime drama film written and directed by Justin Oakey, starring Lawrence Barry, Michelle Rex, Des Walsh, Allison Moira Kelly.

Track listing
1 Riverhead
2 Dark Alley
3 Road to Town
4 In a Wooden Coat
5 Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Playthings
6 Father’s Feud
7 In Memoriam
8 Stoke the Fire
9 Bored of Canada
10 Hard Standing
11 Stalking
12 A Waste of Your Father’s Life
13 Spiteful Things
14 The Hunt
15 Snake in the Grass