Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) from the film RoboCop 2 (1990). The music composed by Leonard Rosenman (Jurij).

Source: RoboCop 2 Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (The Deluxe Edition)
Music by Leonard Rosenman
Label: Varese Sarabande (OST here)
Format: CD (Limited, 1500 copies)
Release Date: March 15, 2019

RoboCop 2 is a 2019 science fiction cyberpunk action film, the sequel to the 1987 film RoboCop. The film is written by Frank Miller and Walon Green, directed by Irvin Kershner, stars Peter Weller (as Alex Murphy / RoboCop), Nancy Allen, Daniel O’Herlihy, Tom Noonan, Belinda Bauer, Gabriel Damon.The soundtrack contains previously unreleased material.

1. Overture: RoboCop 2
2. Logo / MagnaVolt
3. City Mayhem
4. Robo And Nuke
5. Cain And Angie Escape
6. Happier Days
7. Robo Memories
8. Robo Cruiser
9. Robo Gets Dumped
10. Duffy Nukes / Robo In Pain / Duffy Gets Diced
11. Robo Gets Faxxed
12. Kids Rob Electronics / RoboSparks
13. Nuke Lab / Nuke Lab Blows
14. Robo And Cain Chase
15. Creating The Monster
16. Monster At Meeting
17. Monster Cleans House / Monster Finds Angie
18. Goodbye Angie
19. Robo Finds Hob
20. Robo Fanfare
21. Elevated And Depressed
22. On The Street Again / Robo Gets Nuke
23. Robo I vs. Robo II
24. Robo Resolve and End Credits

Additional Music:
25. Creating The Monster (Film Version)
26. Robo Hangs Out (Film Construct)
27. Monster Theme Stings
28. Fanfare Suite
29. Sunblock 5000

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