Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the supernatural horror film Saw X (2023). Charlie Clouser has scored the film.

Source: Saw 10 Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Charlie Clouser
Label: Lakeshore Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 29, 2023

Saw 10 (also known as Saw X) is a 2023 American horror-thriller film, a part of the Saw franchise: Saw (2004), Saw II (2005), Saw III (2006), Saw IV (2007), Saw V (2008), Saw VI (2009), Saw VII / Saw 3D (2010), Saw VIII / Jigsaw (2017), and Saw IX / Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021). The film is written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, directed by Kevin Greutert, produced by Twisted Pictures, distributed by Lionsgate Films, stars Tobin Bell, Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, Renata Vaca, Paulette Hernande, Joshua Okamoto, and Octavio Hinojosa.

1. Blood Board (Edit) – Charlie Clouser (Amazon/Apple Music)

1. Prognosis
2. Henry Hope
3. Meet Gabriela
4. Tequila
5. Craniotomy
6. What Happens?
7. Abandoned
8. Hello Diego
9. Skylight
10. Main Room
11. Hello Valentina
12. Gabriela’s Next
13. Parker Arrives
14. Hello Mateo
15. U Guys R Sick
16. Hello Gabriela
17. Playtime’s Over
18. Blood Board
19. Blood Board (Edit)
20. Zepp X
21. Walk Out
22. Post Credits X

The original soundtrack is now available for streaming or purchasing on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links. More music from the Saw franchise can be found here – Saw Anthology Volume 1 OST and Saw Anthology Volume 2 OST.

Saw X Official Trailer (2023) Lionsgate