Original (Limited Double Vinyl Release) for the fighting video game 2 (1995). The music is composed by .

Source: Tekken 2 Video Game
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Namco Sounds
Label: Laced Records
Format: Vinyl (2 LP, 180 gram, Limited Edition, Deluxe Double Vinyl)
Release Date: May 29, 2020

Tekken 2 is a 1995 Japanese fighting video game, the second installment in the Tekken game . The game is developed and published by Namco for arcade and later for PlayStation. The Limited Double Vinyl Edition contains audio tracks from the original arcade version and PlayStation game. The album can be pre-ordered at the Laced Records store – Tekken 2 Double Vinyl. The original soundtrack (vinyl release) to the first game of the series can be found at the Amazon store, see links on this page.

Tekken 2 Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Tekken 2 Soundtrack – Deluxe Double Vinyl Release

Side A:
1 Tekken 2 Attract : Sound Track
2 Fighter Select
3 Baek Doo San, Killing Hawk
4 Heihachi Mishima, The King of Iron Fist
5 Jack-2, Super Lethal Weapon
6 Jun Kazama, Ecological Fighter
7 Lei Wulong, Super Police
8 Marshall Law, Legendary Dragon Again
9 Michelle Chan, Wandering Female Fighter
10 Paul Phoenix, Dashing Fighter
11 King, Beast Abbe
12 Nina Williams, Silent Assassin
13 Yoshimitsu, Karakuri Space Ninja

Side B:
14 Kazuya Mishima, Devil Kazuya
15 Ending: Sound Track
16 A Calm Before A Storm
17 Are You Ready?
18 Boss: Middle Class
19 Quiet Interim Report
20 JACK-2 (Industrial Drum Edition)
21 Jun Kazama(Super Ecology Mix)

Side C:
1 The Place,1997
2 Michelle Chang (4PS Re-Arrange)
3 Paul’s Miracle PonKen
4 Marshall Law (Japanese Traditional Techno Mix)
5 Ring A Bell

Side D:
6 Silent Assassin (Cool Headed Mix)
7 Emotionless Passion
8 Be In The Mirror
9 Go!Go!Go!
10 Landscape Under The Ghost – Kaminano