Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film The Dead Of Night (2021). The music is composed by Alexander Taylor (Dreamcatcher, Hunter’s Moon, Animal Among Us).

Source: The Dead Of Night Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Alexander Taylor
Label: Notefornote Entertainment
Format: Digital
Pre-order Date: March 5, 2021
Release Date: March 12, 2021

The Dead Of Night is a 2021 American horror-thriller film written and directed by Robert Dean. The film stars Lance Henriksen, Matthew Lawrence, Boots Southerland, Darius Homayoun, Jake Etheridge, Ellen Gerstein, Colby Crain, Tim Stafford, Charlotte McKee, Merritt C. Glover, Mark Speno, Marla Robison, Leah Bezozo, Jesse Kinser, Chris Ranney, Kyle Overstreet, Jack Lutz, Brian Patrick Buckley, and Rudy Bentz.

The soundtrack album is available for order on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page.

1. Desolation Road
2. Coalora Falls Roundup
3. Dancing in Crosshairs
4. The Work Of Man
5. Subdividers
6. Wolf In The Rearview
7. Lost Horses
8. Aftermath
9. Almost My Last Breath
10. A Hard Goodbye
11. Headlights
12. Fox Hunt
13. The Dead Of Night

The Dead Of Night Official Trailer (2021)