Original Soundtrack from the films A Journey to Eden, Water Marked, The Last Life of Lucifer, Theo’s House, Circles & Stones, The Last Bookshop of the World – Two North(s) & A Little Part of Anywhere (Box Set 2018).
Music by Pascal Gaigne (The Olive TreePlan de FugaEl Faro De Las Orcas).

Source: Movies
Genre: Original Soundtrack (Unreleased)
Music by Pascal Gaigne
Label: Quartet Records
Format: CD (500 units, 3-CD + 6 DVD + Booklet)
Release Date: July 4, 2018

Two North(s) & A Little Part of Anywhere is a box set, that compiles the six films on which director Rax Rinnekangas and Pascal Gaigne have thus far collaborated. This box set includes six DVDs with the six films of Rinnekangas-Gaigne, all remastered, as well as three 3 CDs with more than 80 minutes of previously unreleased music (including for the first time the scores of The Last Bookshop of the World and Circle & Stones) and a 72-page book with texts and essays by journalist and writer Oti Rodriguez Marchante, film director Miguel Angel Barroso and film music critic Frederic Torres.