Original Television Soundtrack (Score Album) for the drama mini-series We Are Who We Are (2020). The music is composed by Devonte Hynes (Queen & Slim).

Source: We Are Who We Are Series
Genre: Music from the Television Series (Original Series Score)
Music by Devonté Hynes
Label: Milan Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 25, 2020

We Are Who We Are is a 2020 American-Italian drama television series created by Luca Guadagnino for HBO and Sky Atlantic. The series stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Francesca Scorsese, Spence Moore II, Jordan Kristine Seamon, Ben Taylor, Corey Knight, Kid Cudi, Alice Braga, Chloë Sevigny.
The original series soundtrack (OST) can be found here, it’s composed by various artists.

1. The Long Ride II
2. Let Yourself Go I
3. Let Yourself Go II
4. The Last Day
5. Fraser’s Bedroom
6. He Just Left
7. Notte Transfigurata I
8. The Long Ride I
9. Good Job, Soldier
10. Body of Me
11. Amorous Love
12. Notte Transfigurata II
13. Stay On It
14. Gay Guerrilla
15. Century Rolls: II. Manny’s Gym
16. Two Fanfares for Orchestra / Short Ride in a Fast Machine

We Are Who We Are Official Trailer (2020)