Original Series Soundtrack (Episode OST) from the Disney+ animated series What If..? Season 1 (2021) – Episode 8: Ultron Won?. The episode’s original music is composed by Laura Karpman (Paris Can Wait, Why We Hate).

Source: What If series (Episode 8)
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Laura Karpman
Label: Hollywood Records / Marvel Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 1, 2021

What If… Ultron Won? is the eighth episode of a 2021 American action superhero anthology animated series What If..?, based on superhero characters of Marvel Comics. The series is created by A.C. Bradley, distributed by Disney+. The episode is written by Matthew Chauncey, directed by Bryan Andrews, stars Jeffrey Wright (as The Watcher), Lake Bell (as Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (as Hawkeye), Benedict Cumberbatch (as Doctor Strange), Ross Marquand (as Ultron), Toby Jones (as Arnim Zola), Josh Keaton (as Captain America), Mick Wingert (as Iron Man), and Alexandra Daniels (as Captain Marvel).
What If… Ultron Won? was premiered on 29th September 2021 by Disney+.

The soundtrack album is available on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links on this page. The original music from the previous episodes of the show can be found here – What If… Episode 1, What If… Episode 2, What If… Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, and Episode 7.

1 Clock
2 Path to Peace
3 The Distinction
4 Fascinating
5 Can’t Win
6 Aware
7 My Purpose
8 Ninety Seconds
9 Sound Promising
10 Keep Moving
11 Entire Multiverse
12 Natural Order

Marvel’s What If…? Episodes 8-9 Promo Trailer (2021)