Original Motion Picture from the ( 2016).
Music composed by Ronnie Minder.

Source: Borderline / Black Woods Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by
Label: Esperanto Records
Released: July 22, 2016 (Digital)

Borderline (Black Woods) is a 2016 Spanish crime drama horror film directed by Pau Masó, starring - Pau Masó, Txema Lorente, Mariangels Punyet, Paula Ortiz, Mireia Vallès.

Track listing
1 Mama (Original Mix)
2 Selfie (Original Mix)
3 Spur Of The Moment (Original Mix)
4 Paintings (Original Mix)
5 Take It Back (Original Mix)
6 Scattering The Ashes (Original Mix)
7 Te Quiero Mama (Original Mix)
8 They (Original Mix)
9 Wait For Me (Original Mix)
10 Quit Pretending (Original Mix)
11 Sister Sleeps (Original Mix)
12 Food (Original Mix)
13 Silvia (Original Mix)
14 We're Lost (Original Mix)
15 They Forced Me (Original Mix)
16 These Words (Original Mix)
17 Finders Keepers (Original Mix)
18 Hot And Cold (Original Mix)
19 You Need Help (Original Mix)
20 Nobody Must Know (Original Mix)
21 Let's Go Home (Original Mix)
22 Spur Of The Moment (Reprise) (Original Mix)

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