Original Motion Picture (OST) from the .
Music composed by Domingo Guyton.

Source: Footprints in the Concrete Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by
Label: HOPE Multimedia Company
Released: August 31, 2016

Footprints in the Concrete is a musical depiction of how a family, church, college and community came together to save a fatherless youth, trapped in a cycle of hopelessness. Currently the President of HOPE Multimedia Company, Domingo Guyton often reverts back to his childhood as a struggle; attempting to survive in the mixed pot of drugs, misogyny and violence that Boston, MA had delved out in the late 1980’s. Born to a single mother on welfare, Guyton went through a series of events that spun his life out of control by the age of 15. Continuously searching for his father for over 30 years, he finally found him on Facebook. Guyton adds that many of his past issues were due to not having a father in his home, but after connecting to his heavenly Father, the latter years of his life were rewarding and he has achieved great success overall. Interviews are with Grammy award winning Feliciano “Butch” Tavares, Dr. Ulric Johnson from Teens Against Gang Violence and host of friends and family members who recall the turbulent times and recall the influential part that music, hope and faith in God had on turning Guyton’s life around.

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