Original (Vinyl Release) for the retro video (2019). The music by Yuzo Koshiro, U.F.L., Anton Dromberg and Daniel Rosenquist.

Source: 198X Video Game
Genre: Original Game Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists (Yuzo Koshiro, U.F.L., Anton Dromberg & Daniel Rosenquist)
Label: iam8bit
Format: Vinyl (2 LP, Retro Pink & Black Vinyl, 500 copies)
Release Date: February 24, 2020

198X is a 2019 coming-of-age arcade/platformer/racer/RPG/shooter 80s style video game developed and published by Hi-Bit Studios for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
The soundtrack can be ordered now at the label’s store – 198X Soundtrack.

198X Soundtrack 2xLP

198X Soundtrack – Double Vinyl Release


Side A:
1. Kid’s Theme
2. On the Subway
3. Beating Heart, The Final Fight
4. Cityscape
5. Extraordinary Things Will Happen (F You Just Let Then)
6. Opening
7. Welcome to Suburbia
8. Discovery

Side B:
9. Out of the Void: Intro
10. Out of the Void: Stage 1-1
11. Out of the Void: Stage 1-2
12. Out of the Void: Boss
13. Then There Was Here
14. The Runaway: Intro
15. The Runaway: Route 06
16. The Runaway: City of the Horizon

Side C:
17. Back When We Were Kids
18. Shadowplay: Intro
19. Shadowplay: Field
20. Shadowplay: Forest
21. Shadowplay: Waterfall
22. Shadowplay: Cave
23. Shadowplay: Into Darkness

Side D:
24. I Used to Love the Weekends
25. Kill Screen: Intro
26. Kill Screen: Escape the Maze
27. Kill Screen: Motherboard
28. The Game Was Not Over
29. …It Was Just Beginning

198X Official Trailer (2019) | PS4