Original Motion Picture (CD & Vinyl Release) for the film (1968). The music composed by .

Source: Girl In Gold Boots
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists
Label: Modern Harmonic
Format: CD, Vinyl (LP, 180 gram, Gold Vinyl, incl. DVD)
Release Date: May 29, 2020

Girl In Gold Boots is a 1968 American musical crime drama film written by Arthur A. Names, Leighton J. Peatman, and John T. Wilson, directed and produced by Ted V. Mikels. The film stars Jody Daniels, Leslie McRae, Tom Pace, Chris Howard, Mark Herron, William Bagdad, Bara Byrnes, Victor Izay, Rod Wilmoth, James Victor, Harry Lovejoy, Mike Garrison, Michael Derrick, Dennis Childs, Sheila Roberts.
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1. Theatrical Trailer
2. Girl In Gold Boots – Larry Cartell
3. A Little Companionship (Dialog)
4. (Everything I Touch Turned To) Gold – Joe Valino
5. Wanna Be A Professional (Dialog)
6. Wheels Of Love – Larry Cartell
7. Snacktime (Dialog)
8. My Careless Heart – Larry Cartell
9. Take His Brains Out (Dialog)
10. Knockin’ Boots – Nicholas Carras
11. Sin – Larry Cartell
12. I’m Here To Be A Dancer (Dialog)
13. Julie – Danny Welton
14. Bad Mannered Kids With Guns (Dialog)
15. Cowboy Santa – Larry Cartell
16. Jimmy’s Girl – Larry Cartell
17. Girl In Gold Boots Theme – Nicholas Carras
18. That’s The Fool In Me – Jerry Wallace
19. Show Off Whatcha Got, Baby (Dialog)
20. I Just Want To Rest – Chris Howard
21. Let’s Hear It With Music (Dialog)
22. Strobelights – Danny Welton
23. Who’s That? (Dialog)
24. Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry? – Chris Howard
25. You’ll Find Your Hole (Dialog)
26. Lonesome Man – Jody Daniels
27. Tonight I Shall Get Good And Drunk (Dialog)
28. You Gotta Come Down – Jody Daniels