Original Television Picture Soundtrack (OST) from the BBC series Invasion: Earth (1998). The music composed by Richard G. Mitchell (To Kill a King, The Bridge, The Glass).

Source: Invasion: Earth Series
Genre: Soundtrack from the BBC Series
Music by Richard G. Mitchell
Label: RGM Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 2, 2019

Invasion: Earth is a 1998 science fiction television series written by Jed Mercurio, directed by Patrick Lau and Richard Laxton for BBC. The series stars Vincent Regan, Maggie O’Neill, Fred Ward, Phyllis Logan, Anton Lesser, Sara Kestelman, Paul Medford, Jonathan Dow.

1 Invasion Earth (The Last War)
2 Fast Moving Target Moving In From The North West
3 The Symbol
4 The Echoes
5 Military Machines
6 Terell’s Return
7 Love Theme
8 ND Implants
9 Echo In The Emergency Room
10 Kirkhaven Water
11 The Story So Far
12 Amanda’s Arm
13 She’s Been Found
14 Fighting Back
15 The Last Battle
16 End Titles