Original for the Capcom fighting video game V Champion Edition (2020). The music is composed by (Resident Evil Village, Mega Man, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X).

Source: Street Fighter V CE Video Game
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Capcom Sound Team
Label: Capcom / Columbia
Format: Digital / CD (2-CD)
Release Date: September 30, 2020 / April 10, 2020

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition) is a second update to the fighting video game Street Fighter V. It includes all fighters, stages, costumes released through Season Four.
It’s a third music album then includes theme songs of 9 new characters (Cody, G, Sagat, Gill, Seth, Poison, Lucia, Edmond Honda, Kage), 17 songs from additional stages, songs from Tournament.

1 Ring of Power -Ring Stage-
2 Ring of Power Alternative -Ring Stage-
3 King’s Court -Thailand Stage-
4 Dojo -Japan Stage-
5 Dojo Alternative -Japan Stage-
6 The Grid 2 -Training Stage-
7 The Grid 3 -Training Stage-
8 Ring of Justice -Ring Stage-
9 Ring of Justice Alternative -Ring Stage-
10 Field of Fate -Australia Stage-
11 Honda Sento -Japan Stage-
12 Union Graveyard -London Stage-
13 Union Graveyard Alternative -London Stage-
14 Holly Jolly Beatdown -USA Stage-
15 Holly Jolly Beatdown Alternative -USA Stage-
16 Sun Chase Moon -UnKnown Stage-
17 Sun Chase Moon Alternative -UnKnown Stage-
18 Theme of Cody
19 Theme of G
20 Theme of Sagat
21 Theme of Kage
22 Theme of Poison
23 Theme of E.Honda
24 Theme of Lucia
25 Theme of Gill
26 Theme of Seth
27 Tournament Mode
28 Tournament Mode Victory

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Trailer (2020)